LOAD-n-GO Handheld Programmer

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LOAD-n-GO Handheld Programmer
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LOAD-n-GO Handheld Programmer#53503-814
LOAD-n-GO Protective Boot #53503-1459

LOAD-n-GO is a hand-held mobile programmer and goes where no PC or laptop has gone before. This device allows for quick field programming of targets with up to four firmware images. The programming process is as easy as 1-2-3 with the LOAD-n-GO. Simply load the program into the LOAD-n-GO via a USB cable, connect to the target and program! LOAD-n-GO debug support covers all targets that have debug mode when used in conjunction with the C-Aware IDE Compilers.

LOAD-n-GO Protective Boot
Note: This item is sold separately.

The LOAD-n-GO Protective Boot provides added protection from damaging the LOAD-n-GO programmer while being used in the field or in harsh conditions. The Protective Boot is customized for easy access to cable connectors. Integrated tilt-base provides additional viewing angles while on the bench.

LOAD-n-GO Advantages:

  • Flexible, Handheld, Self-contained Programmer
  • Option to Power Through: USB, Battery (4 AA batteries), or AC adapter (not included)
  • 2 MB Internal Flash for Storing up to Four Separate Programs
  • Power the target board at 2.5V, 3.3V or 5.0V with simple jumper setting
  • FREE CCSLOAD Software Allows for Ease of Loading Firmware and Programming
  • Automatic shutoff conserves battery life when not in use
  • Includes ICSP cable terminated with RJ-12 connector for target programming

LOAD-n-GO Key Features:

  • ICD & ICSP functionality with CCS C-Aware IDE Compilers
  • Supports all Microchip PIC® MCU or Flash Devices
  • Standalone Programmer or Powers & Connects with USB
  • Includes FREE CCSLOAD Software
  • Drivers available for Linux and Windows (32 or 64-bit)
  • RoHS Compliant

CCSLOAD FREE programmer control software supports the LOAD-n-GO and offers many new key features including; powerful command line options in Windows/Linux, extensive diagnostics, easy to use production interface, and enhanced security options.

LOAD-n-GO can be paired with Tag-Connect, a cost saving production ICSP Programming cable that eliminates the need for a ICSP connector on your product. Tag Connect provides a direct pin-to-circuit connection, saving space on your PCB. The modular end works with existing ICD programmers as well as the LOAD-n-GO.

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