Inspired PIC® Projects

Composter using the CCS C Compiler


Read about how one customer built a composting machine that uses sensors to monitor the environment. The composting machine has a drum with a motor added for turning the compost pile. The sensors are used to monitor certain environmental factors that affect composting like the temperature and CO2 levels. See more...

Plinko Game


Drop a puck into the Plinko game and watch the line drawn on a tablet screen via Bluetooth®!

The Plinko board has an array of light sensors between the pegs. When the puck passes over and blocks the light to the sensor, a command is sent to the PIC® microcontroller. The PIC® MCU talks to a Bluetooth® module to send the sensor coordinate to the application running on the tablet. As the coordinates are sent, a line is drawn showing the path of the the falling puck. See more...

Robot Arm

Robot Arm

The robot arm is programmed to complete the Tower of Hanoi or can be in manual mode to be controlled from the tablet. The four colored blocks have pegs for the robot arm to grab and easily move the block. The tablet uses EZ App Lynx for displaying the robot arm controls. See more...

Lab Stir Stick Sensor

Lab Stir Stick Sensor

See a PCB stick in a chemistry beaker read the temperature and light. The EZApp library is used to display those results on a tablet! See more...

Soccer Robots

Soccer Robots

Two robot cars face off against each other on the soccer field. Players use the EZ App Lynx app to control the robot cars from their iPads. The robot cars are made out of sensors and a prototyping board. See more...

IoT Connected Humidity Monitor using Exosite

Humidity Monitor

This project uses a PIC® microcontroller with an Ethernet controller to send data from a humidity sensor to an online management dashboard. The project demonstrates how to remotely monitor the humidity and temperature in a room and ensure that the conditions stay optimal, such as a basement, an attic, or even a greenhouse. See more...

Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg Machine

This Rube Goldberg machine uses various sensors in a chain of reactions that ultimately ends with a gumball rolling out of the Gumball machine. The only motion needed to start the machine is a clap from the hands. The processors used in this machine were all easy-to-use CCS E3mini boards that have a PIC® processor programmable from a USB port. See more...

USB Interface Made Simple with Project Wizard

USB Interface

This project will make use of a diagnostic interface on a common digital caliper to display the results to the PC. The CCS C-Aware IDE Compiler will utilize the Project Wizard tool to easily generate code for a USB interface to this existing product. Follow these simple steps to create code quickly! See more...

810 MIPS Multi-Processor Demonstration Using C Language on PIC®


This 9x9 cube matrix is a modular design constructed to demonstrate how PIC18F8525 8-bit MCUs talk via a serial bus. Each individual cube contains one PIC18F8525 that controls each of the 64 LEDs. The well-synchronized multi-processor communication was written in C using the CCS C compiler. See more...

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