Frequently Asked Questions

How do I troubleshoot LOAD-n-GO issues?

The CCSLoad Programmer Control Software has built-in advanced diagnostic features that can help you step through the troubleshooting process.

Here are just some of the diagnostics available in CCSLoad:

  • Ability to check if CCSLoad and the firmware on the LOAD-n-GO are up-to-date.

CCSLOAD Diagnostics Update

  • Ability to check if the Device ID matches the device currently selected and monitor the voltage level of the connected target device.

CCSLOAD Diagnostics Target

  • Ability to change the voltage levels on programming pins manually so their output can be measured to ensure proper operation.

CCSLOAD Diagnostics Pins

  • Ability to test the oscillator and debugger to ensure proper operating speed and results.

CCSLOAD Diagnostics Oscillator

Use the included help files in CCSLoad for up-to-date and additional information about the CCSLoad Programmer Control Software software and LOAD-n-GO. For additional help, contact CCS Technical Support. If you believe an issue to be hardware related, review the CCS Product Warranty and contact CCS Sales for answers on how to return or repair your defective hardware.

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