Lab Stir Stick Sensor

How it works:

The sensor stick firmware uses the EZApp library to quickly create a wireless sensor on a PIC® MCU that may be viewed and displayed on a mobile device using Bluetooth®.

Lab Stir Stick Sensor Video
Duration: 0:34
Lab Stir Stick Sensor

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EZ App Lynx w/ RN4020 Development Kit

Get started with the EZ App Lynx w/ RN4020 Development Kit! EZ App Lynx is a smartphone/tablet application that pairs with a PIC® MCU over Bluetooth® and allows the PIC® MCUs to control the appearance and control of the GUI on the smartphone/tablet. This allows PIC® MCU developers an easy way to deploy sensors or controllers that can be controlled from a smartphone/tablet over Bluetooth®. The PIC® MCU controls all aspects of the GUI, so the user only needs to install one smartphone/tablet app that works across a broad variety of devices for Android and iOS.

This app requires a Bluetooth® connection to a PIC® MCU using the CCS C Compiler with the EZ App Lynx library. For more information on the application and where to download it, go to:

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Embedded C Learners Kit
EZ App Lynx