Quick C: PIC16F818

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Quick C: PIC16F818
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Development Kit with Software#S110
Development Kit With Software For Book Owners#S112
Development Kit for Compiler Owners#53214-1499
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Quick C: PIC16F818 Development Kit With Software
Including "C What Happens" - $149

This is an ideal kit for those just getting started with C programming on a PIC® MCU and includes everything necessary to to step through example programs covered in the new book C What Happens by David Benson.

The tutorial, software and hardware provide a complete C learning system with powerful and easy-to-use features on the PIC16F818.

Software features:
  • Full Featured C Compiler for the PIC16F818 Device
  • Color Syntax Editor/IDE
  • C-Aware Real-time Debugger
  • Flow Chart Editor
  • Documentation Generator and RTF Editor
  • New Project Wizard
  • Interactive Help
PIC16F818 Prototyping Board includes:
  • PIC16F818 (28 pin SOIC)
  • 4 I/O Pins (2 Can Be Analog)
  • Four DIP Switches
  • One Pushbutton
  • Six LEDs
  • Four I/O Lines To Jumper Block
  • ICD Jack

Board Diagram
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PIC16F818 device features:
  • 1K Flash
  • 128 Bytes Data EEPROM
  • 127 Bytes RAM
  • 16 I/O Pins
  • 3 Timers
  • 5 Channel Analog/Digital Converter
  • SPI and I2C Hardware
  • Capture, Compare and PWM Hardware
  • Interrupts
  • Watch Dog Timer
Kit includes: ** All Powered by the PC USB Bus

Option 1: Development Kit
Compiler Software and Book - $149

Option 2: Development Kit for Book Owners
Hardware and Software Only - $115

Why Use C Language?

"C doesn't put constraints in your way, it doesn't force you into using a particular programming style...in terms of getting something done with not too much effort, I haven't seen anything to this day that I like better." (Brian Kernighan, Author: The C Programming Language)

Why Choose Microchip PIC® Microcontrollers?

"Leading engineers worldwide continue to use the PIC® microcontroller architecture because we provide a competitive advantage to their businesses with faster time to market, lower total system cost and low-risk product development." (Steve Sanghi, President and CEO, Microchip Technology, Inc.)

C What Happens by David Benson

C What Happens is a series of explanations and examples for those who want to learn to program PIC® microcontrollers using the C programming language. It is assumed that the reader has no knowledge of PIC® microcontrollers or programming, but does have a rudimentary understanding of electronics.

The reader will learn to create programs by making selections from a large variety of built-in functions provided in the CCS C Compiler, writing his/her own functions as needed, and writing executable statements. The reader will "C what happens" by programming a PIC® microcontroller with the newly created code and exercising it using a simple circuit described in the book.

The subject matter is laid out in a logical progression from simple to not-so-simple and is illustrated with lots of examples.

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Embedded C Learners Kit
C Workshop Compiler