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*Hardware only and proto-boards are intended for customers already owning a CCS compiler.
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The ACE Kit is the perfect solution to to an advanced engineer's development needs. Along with a prototyping board, it includes the powerful Integrated Development Environment with compiler support for Microchip's PIC® PIC10, PIC12 and PIC16 families and an ICD-U80 in-circuit programmer/debugger that supports C-aware real time debugging. The ACE Kit utilizes the CCS Software Prototyping Board - A PIC® MCU designer's best friend. The prototyping board includes a standard 40-pin socket to access connectors and expanders to develop a variety of applications before the final target platform is designed. Add on compiler support for PIC18 and PIC24 devices. (PIC24 and dsPIC® devices need to be 5V.)

The Software Prototyping Board (Size: 6.625" x 3.875") includes:

Prototyping Board Image
  • One terminal strip/breadboard for easy access to I/O pins, 5V source and all on-board features
  • Three standard .1" headers to Port B for LCD and keypad set connection, Port D for LCD connection, or for easy connection to other user hardware
  • One 40-pin ZIF socket
  • Two RS-232 driver/receivers
  • Two potentiometers for analog voltage selection
  • Two push-button switches
  • Five LED pairs to monitor I/O pins (Red signal: HIGH/Green signal: LOW)
  • ICD connector
  • 20 MHz socketed oscillator
  • Crystal and RC clocks for use with user-supplied header
  • Connectors for optional 16 x 2 back-lit LCD module and 4 x 3 keypad
  • 9V AC Adapter
  • PC serial cable and jumpers
  • C example programs are ready-to-run on this board with wiring instructions for each example in the CCS Compiler

The ACE Kit includes:

Optional ACE Board Accessories:

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