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Jeremy Bentham's TCP/IP Lean code works in, but how do I get it to work in

Many of our customers have been using the example programs in Jeremy Bentham's book TCP/IP LEAN to make a web server on a PICmicro® MCU. There have been problems running the code with early versions of 3, but we have tested the code with 3.030 and all works good. However there are two changes that need to be made to the code to make it work with PCM 3.XXX. One change is required because the version 3 header files no longer have two lines. Add the following after your include of the device file:

#byte TIMER_1_LOW= 0x0e 
#byte TIMER_1_HIGH= 0x0f 

Another change is needed because we now default to 8bit ADC:

#device ADC=10 

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