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QMC5883L compass sensor library

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QMC5883L compass sensor library
PostPosted: Sun Aug 29, 2021 2:20 pm     Reply with quote

Hi all!
This library works with QMC5883L GY-271 compass sensor. (its just a note: its written DB 5883 7008 on the chip)
Once it was HMC5883L library but I changed values according to QMC5883L datasheet and works for me well.

important note: you need identify your device's i2c address by scanning i2c bus scanner program via your microcontroller, Not arduino.


// QMC5883 Library

#define W_DATA  0x1A     //'Used to perform a Write operation
#define R_DATA   0x1B     //'Used to perform a Read operation
#define CON_A    0xA0
#define CON_B    0x0B     //'Send continuous Measurement mode.
#define MOD_R    0x09     //'Read/Write Register, Selects the operating mode.

#define X_MSB    0x01     //'Read Register, Output of X MSB 8-bit value.
#define X_LSB    0x00     //'Read Register, Output of X LSB 8-bit value.
#define Z_MSB    0X05     //'Read Register, Output of Z MSB 8-bit value.
#define Z_LSB    0X04     //'Read Register, Output of Z LSB 8-bit value.
#define Y_MSB    0X03     //'Read Register, Output of Y MSB 8-bit value.
#define Y_LSB    0X02     //'Read Register, Output of Y LSB 8-bit value.

void hmc5883_write(int add, int data)
int16 hmc5883_read(int add){
         int retval;
         return retval;
void hmc5883_init(){
         hmc5883_write(CON_B,  0x01);
         hmc5883_write(MOD_R,  0b10011001);
         hmc5883_write(CON_A,  0b10000001);

Here is an example:


#include <16F887.h>
#use delay(clock=20M)
#use I2C(MASTER, sda=PIN_C4, scl=PIN_C3, fast=100000, force_hw)  //You can change, according your board ports
#use RS232(BAUD = 9600, XMIT = PIN_C6, RCV = PIN_C7, STOP = 1, STREAM = Bluetooth) // optional, you can erase
#include "i2c_flex_lcd.c"  // optional. You can use your own lcd library
#include "HMC5883.c"
#include "math.h"
int8 M_data[6]; //6 units 8 bit Measured datas
int16 Xm=0,Ym=0,Zm=0; //16 bit X,Y,Z variables

void main()

   M_data[0]=hmc5883_read(0x00); //Read X (LSB)
   M_data[1]=hmc5883_read(0x01); //Read X (MSB)
   M_data[2]=hmc5883_read(0x02); //Read Y (LSB)
   M_data[3]=hmc5883_read(0x03); //Read Y (MSB)
   M_data[4]=hmc5883_read(0x04); //Read Z (LSB)
   M_data[5]=hmc5883_read(0x05); //Read Z (MSB)


   float Heading = atan2((signed int16)Ym-360,(signed int16)Xm-310) * 180 / pi + 180;
                                                               //****-360 and -310, you can delete them or change it. I added them by trial-and-error in order to set my azimuth accuracy. Up to you ///
   printf(lcd_putc,"X=%ld  ",Xm);
   printf(lcd_putc,"Y=%ld  ",Ym);
   printf(lcd_putc,"Z=%ld  ",Zm);
   printf(lcd_putc,"h=%f   ",Heading);
   fprintf(bluetooth,"\n h=%f   ",Heading);  // optional, you can erase

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2022 8:18 pm     Reply with quote

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