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Sparkfun Serial LCD Driver

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Sparkfun Serial LCD Driver
PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 1:54 pm     Reply with quote

Hi All,

I wrote this little helper driver for the Sparkfun 4x20 Serial LCD.
This makes writing to the LCD more natural or CCS like.

Simply put: It automates the use of '\r' - '\n' - '\f'.

I'm using it with software serial.


So far it seems to be working as expected, with proper text wrapping.
Feel free to improve.

yes: that particular screen was a PIC16F88 onboard, which could easily be reprogrammed with Flex_LCD and controlled serially with custom code and improvements and blackjack and hookers.... yes.

Edit: 12/10/2016 - Slight correction to the "Select_Line(x,y)" function.

//*************************** Sparkfun Serial LCD Driver**************************
// Author: Gabriel Barrios
// Date: 04/10/2016
// Panama, Rep. Panama.
// This driver controls the Sparkfun 20x4 Serial LCD.
// It automates the use of '\r' - '\n' - '\f'.
// This is because I found it terribly inconvenient to send control commands
// mid code instead of just pushing a '\r' and the end of my printfs.
// The Driver includes other little comfort codes like cursor positioning, toggling
// of the Cursor and Backlight On/Off control.
// A small Splash Screen changer function is included too.
// NOTE: when printing to the screen, since the printf calls this "middle man" function
// and not an actual stream, prints are done with "printf" and NOT "fprintf"
//***************************** Examples *****************************************
//   On your main or elseware:
//        Select_Line(2,0);   //place cursor at line 3,position 0
//         printf(Serial_LCD,"\fTemp:-2.67C\r\n");   //print your stuff
//         Backlight(1);   //Backlight On

//LCD Control Special Characters
#define LCD_CTRL 0xFE      //LCD Cursor/Text Special Character
#define LCD_SETTINGS 0x7C    //LCD Settings Special Character

//LCD Instructions to be used with above Special Characters
#define CLEAR_DISPLAY 0x01
#define CURSOR_ON 0x0D
#define CURSOR_OFF 0x0C
#define BACKLIGHT_ON 0x80
#define BACKLIGHT_OFF 0x9D

// Define the Stream the LCD is going to use.
#use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C4, rcv=PIN_F2, ERRORS,STREAM=LCD)//LCD

// Globals to track the cursor
int Current_Line=0;
int Cursor_Position=0;
int Cursor_Tracker=0;

// Function Definitions
void Serial_LCD(char);
void Blink_Cursor(int1);
void Select_Line(char, char);
void Backlight(int1 State);
void Splash_Screen();

//                     Write New Splash Screen
// Call this Function ONCE in your code, and then dont call ever again unless you
// want to change the splash screen again.
// These changes will save on the Screens EEPROM and survive power cycles
void Splash_Screen()
printf(Serial_LCD,"  ALL YOUR BASE ARE ");
printf(Serial_LCD,"    BELONG TO US    ");
//                        Backlight Control
// Call it with a 1 or 0 to toggle the Backlight LED
void Backlight(int1 State)
//                        Cursor Blink
// Call it with a 1 or 0 to enable or disable cursor blink
void Blink_Cursor(int1 State)

//                     Cursor Position/Goto_xy
// Call it with a line number (0-3) and a row number (0-19)
void Select_Line(char line, char cursor)

//                        Printf Control
// This function enables the use of regular CCS print format chars like \r \n \f.
// It also handles the Wrap arounds so that these characters keep working after the
// screen has automatically wrapped.
void Serial_LCD(char next_char)
   switch (next_char)
      case '\f':
      case '\r':
      case '\n':
            else if(Current_line==1){Cursor_Position=148;Current_line=2;}
            else if(Current_line==2){Cursor_Position=212;Current_line=3;}
            else {Cursor_Position=128;Current_line=0;}


CCS PCM 5.078 & CCS PCH 5.093
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