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Driver for SHT21

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Joined: 18 Jul 2010
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Location: Puebla, Mexico

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Driver for SHT21
PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2011 2:52 pm     Reply with quote

I want to share with you the driver for the sht21 (temperature and humidity sensor)

and the code is:

///                               sht21.c                                    ///
///            Driver for temperature and humidity sensor                    ///
///            Realizado por PicTrance                                       ///
///            junio del 2011, Puebla - México                               ///
///            Compiler: CCS                                                 ///
///                                                                          ///
/// sht21_init()  - Iicializa el sensor sht21 -                              ///
///                                                                          ///
///                                                                          ///
/// sht21_temp(temperatura)      Get the temperature, lee tempeartura        ///
///                                                                          ///
/// sht21_humid(humedad)         Get the humidity, lee humedad               ///
///                                                                          ///
/// sht21_both(temp,humd)        Get the temperature and humidity            ///
///                              Lee temperatura y humedad                   ///

#define sht21     0b10000000
#define writeuser 0b11100110
#define readuser  0b11100111
#define reset     0b11111110
#define temphold  0b11100011
#define humidhold 0b11100101
#define read      0b10000001
#define softreset 0b11111110

/*int8 msbhum, lsbhum, msbtemp, lsbtemp, checksum;
int16 temperies, humidum;
float temperiess, humidumm;*/

int8 checksum;

void sht21_init(void){

void SoftResett(){

void sht21_temp(float &temperies1){
   //float temperies1;
   int8 msbtemp, lsbtemp;
   int16 temperies;
   float temperiess;
   msbtemp = i2c_read();
   lsbtemp = i2c_read();
   checksum = i2c_read();
   temperies = make16(msbtemp,lsbtemp);//valiable = MAKE16(varhigh, varlow) junta las
                                  //2 variables in8 en una in16

      movf lsbtemp,0
      movwf 0x00A
      movf msbtemp,0
      movwf 0x00B
   temperies1= (-46.85 + (175.72*(temperiess/65536)));
   //return temperies1;

void sht21_humid(float &humidum1){
   //float humidum1;
   int8 msbhum, lsbhum;
   int16 humidum;
   float humidumm;
   msbhum = i2c_read();
   lsbhum = i2c_read();
   checksum = i2c_read();
   humidum = make16(msbhum,lsbhum);
      movf lsbhum,0
      movwf 0x00C
      movf msbhum,0
      movwf 0x00D
   humidum1= (-6 + (125*(humidumm/65536)));
   //return humidum1;

void sht21_both(float &tmp, float &humd){
   /*float temp;
   float humedad;*/

an example of how to use:

///Ejemplo de como usar el driver
///sht21.c, creado por PicTrance
///para el foro de Neoteo y el foro de CCS
///funciona para el compilador CCS

#include <18f4550.h>
#device adc=10
#use delay(clock=20M)
//Pal bootloader
#build (reset=0x1000,interrupt=0x1008)
#org 0x0000,0x0FFF{}

//#use i2c(Master,fast,sda=PIN_C7,scl=PIN_C6)
#use i2c(Master,fast,sda=PIN_A4,scl=PIN_A5)
//#use rs232(baud=9600, xmit=PIN_C6, rcv=PIN_C7)

#include "lcd4x20.c"
#include "sht21.c"
int signo = 0xDF;//simbolo "°"

void main(){
   float tempi,humedadi;
   lcd_putc("\fSensor de \nTemperatura y\nHumedad  SHT21");

      printf(lcd_putc, "\fTemp: %f %cC",tempi, signo);
      printf(lcd_putc, "\nRH: %f %%",humedadi);

I hope that this driver helps someone
Si el proyecto tiene mal olor es de Química, Si echa humo negro es de Mecánica, Si es verde o se retuerce es de Bioingenieria Y si no funciona es de Electrónica.. :p ... no es mia la frase, pero me gusto.

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 28, 2015 8:46 pm     Reply with quote

I tried and not worked.
PCM programmer

Joined: 06 Sep 2003
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PostPosted: Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:14 pm     Reply with quote

Here's the SHT21 data sheet:
Look at the i2c protocol bit diagrams on page 8. Notice how they read the
data (msb), data (lsb), and checksum bytes, and then the PIC issues a
NACK. In his code below, he doesn't do the NACK. This is a violation of
the SHT21 data sheet. If you skip the NACK on the last read, I know for
a fact that you will get bad data on subsequent reads on many i2c chips.
I have seen this happen while testing i2c eeprom chips to study the effect
of a missing NACK.

msbtemp = i2c_read();
lsbtemp = i2c_read();
checksum = i2c_read();

The line in bold should be:
checksum = i2c_read(0);

He has this mistake in these routines:
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